Journeys with the Magic Globe

Sophie & Dylan join the Professor with his hot air balloon, along with Monty and Naomi for some fun adventures

The Magic Globe

Sophie and Dylan are taking their pet dog, Monty, for his morning walk before they set off to school. As they walk down the lane, past the village meeting room (a converted windmill), they see a hot air balloon in the adjacent field. Unbeknownst to them and the Professor, the balloon’s owner, they are being influenced by a mysterious magic Globe…

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Sophie, Dylan, Monty, Naomi & Professor Watson

About the author
Chris Coope

Chris Dyson-Coope Born in Great Britain, Chris Dyson-Coope followed his training and passion in the field of horticulture for decades. This path led him to multiple awards for landscape design and many prestigious projects in the United Kingdom and the U.S. Chris has received 19 national awards for projects as varied as city parks, urban regeneration, playgrounds, office parks and streetscapes. He pioneered the use of designer drives in the 1980s utilizing Permacrib to create structural green walls and award-winning green roofs in London. Most recently, Dyson-Coope has nurtured his interest as an educational innovator to produce an Internet radio show (, books on landscaping, and a series of fictional children’s books that explore non-fictional themes such as sustainable agriculture, geography, and history. Convinced that the younger generation can (and must) learn from the older generation, as well as blazing new paths toward a sustainable future for a planet in deep distress from climate change and unsustainable practices, Dyson-Coope presents workable solutions in multiple formats, from books to inventions, podcasts and educational media. With several horticultural patents to his credit, the noted horticulturalist looks to the future with hope that the younger generation will grab the “torch” of innovation to develop and maintain a more sustainable world for us all. Dyson-Coope is a member of The Chartered Institute of Horticulture and serves as Director of Children’s Sustainable Education for Energime University. Chris lives in Weston, Missouri, with his lovely wife, Cindi.

  • Monty is a charming, polite, friendly Maltese with special talents. He has super sensitive smell, a great sense of humor and is best buddies with Naomi.

  • Naomi, like all owls has amazing skills of silently flying, extraordinary hearing - she can hear a mouse running beneath the ground. She is also good friends with Monty

  • Professor Dougal Watson, is a classic adventurer

  • Dylan and Sophie are brother and sister, they live in a delightful English Village in the County of Kent with their pets Monty and Naomi.

The Adventure

Professor Watson and his intrepid crews adventures

The journey begins…

Unbeknownst to them and the Professor, the balloon’s owner, they are being influenced by a mysterious magic Globe…

High adventure ensues and before they know it, the Professor, the children and their pet owl (Naomi) and Monty, the dog, are visiting lands they’ve only read about in history books. Oh, the amazing things they’ll see and learn! Come along and enjoy the ride! It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

What our readers say

Anita Jones - Mr. Coope is a very descriptive writer, allowing the reader the ability to close ones eyes and imagine the scenery. I love the concept of this book and the potential for teaching young and older alike about our ecosystem and the need for change. This book was very detailed due to setting the scenes for future books. I look forward to seeing where the balloon will land next and what we as a culture will learn.

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